Some snippets of moments over the years amounting into this collection of sorts.

it rains diamonds on jupiter

there’s something so fulfilling

about watching a thunderstorm while

bathed in moonlight and softness.

zeus whizzes down the street on a skateboard.

everything feels so magical

and powerful

and otherworldly.

the chaos, beautiful and excruciating.

it’s the closest i ever feel to the universe

and her harshness and the helplessness of life

in her path (in her protection).

they must’ve thought the gods were fighting

by the way the dark sky would blister with light,

a deep rumble would roll across those in its path

and then came the cleanse for their soot-dirty souls.

Jack ’63

We glimmer and dazzle.

Our happiness soars

past the atmosphere.

He beams like a

solar flare and my

heart is consumed

with radiation and warmth.

A bullet flies like

a comet, crash lands on

the surface of my

husband’s skull.

His head obliterates like

a neutron star,

hydrogen and helium

splatter across my face.

My scream is

lost in the sound of

a panicked meteor shower.

My sun is destroyed.

I am a planet falling

out of orbit, falling

away from the universe.

Everything is collapsing,

a black hole consumes

my heart and the stars

cease to shine.

A bleary desert dream

She left a trail of debris as she stumbled through the desert. She felt romantic about it, leaving small pieces of herself: a path to finding her. Stray hairs, torn skin from cracked lips, the thick cover of blisters, sweat, blood from tired feet, a chip of a tooth from chewing on a rock, scraps of clothing she shed. She was crumbling to pieces, but left a story as she moved.

A traveller would come along, pick up a scrap of silk, fleeting hairs, blood-soaked sand. But he would never catch up to her. He would piece together an ideal vision of the woman who splintered her way through the desert. It would never be complete, for the piece that mattered most and held her debris together was lost long ago before her feet even touched the sand.